100 in 1 Day "Trash Collection Intervention" with Emerging ARTivists, Jessica Myers of Trashwag and Lori Smith

100 in 1 Day Trash Collection Intervention

We scavenged, hunted and scoured the streets of Toronto looking for discarded materials left on the curb and triumphantly returned with a truck load of salvaged gems. The findings will be re-purposed into a permanent pubic art installation in Thorncliffe, R.V. Burgess park called “Picture This” – a project by the Emerging ARTivists

 and STEPS Initiative.

What did we find? Old scraps of wood perfect for cladding, turquoise tiles, wooden shutters, colorful mason jars, an antique table, wooden chairs, hoola hoops, plastic tubes, books, toys and more!

It was a salvaging success and we thank the organizers of 100 in 1 day for making it part of 178 incredible interventions happening in Toronto.  We also thank the youth of Emerging ARTivists, the STEPS Initiative and professional salvagers - Gavin Cameron, founder of Trashswag and fellow Trashswagger, Jessica Myers, for their relentless pursuit in collecting materials on a hot and sunny day. Can hardly wait to see the results!