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By Frederick A. Johnsen

In Captured Eagles, Frederick A. Johnsen lays naked the as soon as mystery historical past of the yankee attempt to appreciate and counter the Luftwaffe earlier than and through international struggle II, and later on to grab and make the most German technological advances in every thing from jet combatants and bombers to ballistic missiles.

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5 Smith emphasizes several reasons for the growth of the German Air Force at that time, including: [t]he military aptitude of the German people … The technical and scientific skill of the race … The vision of General Göring who from the start planned a fantastically large Air Force and Air Industry and who at the same time possessed the energy to convert his plans into reality … The unified direction and execution made possible by the dictatorial nature of the German Government … The wise realization of the German air authorities at the start of their rearmament that other nations, especially the United States, were far in advance of them, both in scientific knowledge and technical skill.

And yet, only America perfected an atomic bomb. Some would argue the capacity of America to produce thousands of great, if not perfect, aircraft and other armaments, manned by well-trained crews known globally for their innovativeness under fire, gave the Allies the final victory. This volume will not presume to call one Allied power’s contributions to victory more important than any other nation’s efforts and sacrifices, but it will juxtapose the advanced technologies of wartime Germany against the efforts of the United States in particular.

1, 1937” submitted by Truman Smith, reporting on evidence of German air activities. Its opening paragraph picturesquely sets the tone: “Germany is once more a world power in the air. Her air force and her air industry have emerged from the kindergarten stage. ” The rest of the document is a straightforward analysis of the state of German air rearmament as perceived by Smith, and influenced by Lindbergh. “The astounding growth of German air power from a zero level to its present status in a brief four years must be accounted one of the most important world events of our time.

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