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The warming of the Earth has been the topic of severe debate and quandary for lots of scientists, policy-makers, and electorate for no less than the previous decade. weather swap technological know-how: An research of a few Key Questions, a brand new record through a committee of the nationwide learn Council, characterizes the worldwide warming development during the last a hundred years, and examines what can be in shop for the twenty first century and the level to which warming can be brought on by human job.

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E. those having backbones or spinal columns), 2,50,000 are plants, 1,00,000 are fungi and the rest are invertebrates and microorganisms. e. number of species in a community of organisms. The existing species of plants and animals are the product of 3 billion years of evolution involving mutation, recombination and natural selection. g. warm and cool periods exerted selection pressures and have been responsible for evolution of new species and extinction of others who could not survive in the struggle for survival.

For the sake of his own survival on earth, man is now concerned about the environment. The need of the hour is environmental education and awareness for all so that they learn how to handle environmental issues, how to lead a better life with less pollution and make this earth a better place to live in for the present and future generations. Environmental studies have reached the status of multidisciplinary subject—the meeting ground of all disciplines including Arts, Science, Commerce, Medical Science, Engineering, etc.

The resulting primitive soil is suitable for the growth of plants—after death and decay, plant debris returns to soil. The mineral component of soil comes from the parent rocks by weathering processes while the organic component is due to plant biomass as well as populations of bacteria, fungi and insects (earthworms). A typical soil, suitable for agriculture, contains about 5 per cent organic matter and 95 per cent inorganic matter. Soil has an important role as it produces food for us and animals.

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