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In addition, particularly in the presence of a raised plasma osmolality, angiotensin may stimulate AVP release by direct action on AVP producing neurons and by stimulating afferent pathways from other regions of the brain. Hypovolemia stimulates renin secretion, which promotes angiotensin formation. The relative roles of the direct baroreceptor input versus angiotensin mechanisms in the thirst response to extracellular dehydration have yet to be determined. Interaction of Plasma Osmolality and Blood Volume.

Hypertonicity of the renal medulla is usually restored once the underlying cause of the polyuria and polydipsia is corrected. , partial CDI). Therefore, the clinician should be reasonably sure that polyuria and polydipsia exist, preferably based on a combination of history, multiple random urine specific gravity determinations, and if necessary, quantitation of water consumption over several days with the dog or cat in the home environment. The average daily volume of water consumed by a dog is usually less than 60 ml/kg of body weight, with an upper normal limit of 100 ml/kg of body weight.

ACROMEGALY. Excessive secretion of growth hormone (GH) in the adult dog or cat results in acromegaly (see Chapter 2). Acromegaly causes carbohydrate intolerance and the eventual development of overt diabetes mellitus. In most cats and dogs with acromegaly, the polyuria is assumed to be caused by an osmotic diuresis induced by glycosuria. Renal insufficiency from a diabetic or GHinduced glomerulonephropathy may also play a role (Peterson et al, 1990). POLYCYTHEMIA. Polyuria and polydipsia may occur with polycythemia.

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