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By Christos N. Gage

The Scoobies are back--- together with li'l Giles! Revelations a couple of new form of vampire threat and the clean Vampyr e-book have basically simply started. all people has a task to do, and for Buffy, it's treading the line of prior relationships! fortunate lady ...

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23 2 VAMPIRES IN GREECE: BYRON AND POLIDORI We have looked into the destination of the vampire – its internationalisation – but what of its origins? After all, the vampire’s identification with Transylvania comes rather late in the day: was it associated with other places before this? In fact, it is difficult to pin the vampire down to one original place and moment – and it is equally difficult to avoid surrendering to the cliché (often utilised in vampire fiction) that it is as ‘ancient’ as the human race itself.

The narrator buries him in a Turkish grave, and the fragment closes with an uncertain response to the events, as if nothing so far lends itself to diagnosis: ‘Between astonishment and grief, I was tearless’ (6). It is difficult to read this fragment, since – as well as being unfinished – much of it (the image of the stork and the snake, for instance) is cryptic, functioning as ‘unexplained ritual’ (Skarda, 1989, 256n). Nevertheless, its ethnographies are reasonably clear: in his connection to the site, Darvell reaches back into an ‘original’ classical antiquity, beyond Turkish occupation, beyond Christianity, to the temples of Diana or Ceres.

Darvell ‘had already travelled extensively’ (Byron, 1988, 3): he is another of Byron’s ‘citizens of the world’, a restless, protean figure who has no ‘original’ identity of his own. His physiognomy makes this fact particularly visible: ‘the expressions of his features would vary so rapidly . . it was useless to trace them to their sources . . none could be fixed upon with accuracy’ (3). The narrator is pleased to accompany Darvell; as they journey towards the East, however, he is concerned to see Darvell appear ‘daily more enfeebled’ (3), his health rapidly declining.

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