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By Colin Kidd

This ebook examines the prestige and makes use of of ethnicity in political debate in the course of the 17th and eighteenth centuries, the period that instantly preceded the onset of recent racialist and nationalist pondering. Ranging greatly around the political cultures of britain, Scotland, eire and progressive the US, it additionally considers eu impacts and comparisons in addition to attractive traditionally with present debates over nationalism and identification.

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BuVon, on the other hand, criticised the disservice done to nature by the categories of the taxonomist. In addition, BuVon’s crafted mixture of subversive arguments, obscured by smokescreen declarations of Biblical orthodoxy, and hypocritical willingness to retract particular statements which gave oVence to the Sorbonne (while conserving his overall position), made his theological position diYcult to parse with any conWdence. Nevertheless, by the late 1770s it was clear that he had broken with traditional schemes of chronology with his estimate of about 75,000 years for the age of the cooling earth.

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