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By R. J. Pineiro

Jake Thomas Fischer, founder and CEO of Fischer applied sciences Inc., and his group have made an marvelous step forward: bio-chips. those desktop chips, in line with bio-technology, use proteins to procedure details and supply adequate processing energy to place the world's quickest laptop on each computer. Fischer applied sciences' new chips will revolutionize the pc industry.In the aftermath of the chilly battle, nuclear secrets and techniques are reasonable, yet expertise secrets and techniques are worthy hundreds of thousands. Fischer and his crew locate themselves on the heart of a world clash to manage their technology--a clash that might finish a lot of their lives. From the halls of strength in Berlin to mystery basement warfare rooms on the CIA and FBI, to the streets of Paris, the powers that be will do something to manage this new expertise. And Jake Fischer will locate that he'll hazard whatever to prevent them.

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He reached the victims and had to control his urge to vomit. Three men were unconscious, their chests and necks torn open by the shrapnel, dark blood staining their shirts, pooling around them. Two more screamed for help, one bleeding from his leg, the other bracing his abdomen, holding on to his exposed viscera from a huge, blackened wound above his groin. And it was his son! "Fa—Father ... please, help me ... " His heart shrinking, his hands trembling, tears of anger streaming down his wrinkled face, the captain knelt by his dying son and took him in his arms, cradling him, pressing the trembling body against him as three more explosions thundered across the Potsdamer Platz.

The savvy von Hunsinger already knew most of the answers his subordinates would bring, but he was a thorough man and wanted to do his homework, wanted to get final confirmation of the true state of the German economy before his upcoming secret meeting with his country's intelligence service. "Sit down, please," von Hunsinger said, taking a sip of hot tea. He still faced the beautiful sunrise, which he could enjoy every morning not because he arrived at the office early, but because part of the floor below was actually his private suite, where the bachelor minister, one of the most important figures in German politics, spent most weeknights, often in the company of one of the department's secretaries.

He had met with three presidents in the Oval Office, had been personally labeled for termination by Saddam Hussein while on a mission in Iraq, had been one of the rare survivors of an Iraqi interrogation session, and had nearly frozen to death north of Moscow while being pursued by the Russian Mafia. After thirty years of clandestine operations, Bane was not easily surprised. He had seen, heard, and lived through the worst of situations, in the process developing a shell hard enough to withstand events or news of any kind.

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