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The argument is summed up in principle in the parallel members of v. 24: Is it not [right] that whatever your god Chemosh gives you to possess, you should possess And that everything that Yahweh our god has given to us to possess, we should possess? What is referred to in the second half of the verse is clearly Israel's rightful title to 'the land of the Amorite'. What is acknowledged in the first half of the verse is that Ammon has similarly legitimate title to other territory in the region.

1 is closely integrated into the main body of the narrative. 00 A network of causation, sometimes explicit, sometimes implicit, links persons and events within this larger narrative. 8-9). 4-11). 33). 1-6). The successive resolution of these two crises brings the narrative to its conclusion. That is, the subject matter (what happened to Israel in the lifetime of Jephthah) is conceptualized as plot, and the basic plot structure of the narrative in its finished form is clearly recognizable. In the close reading which now follows I refine considerably this basic analysis of plot-structure and at the same time to move into an analysis of the story's thematics.

The natural inference is that Jephthah recognizes Ammon's title to 'the land of Moab' as being as legitimate as Israel's title to 'the land of the Amorite'. 35 No explanation is given, but if one arrives at the Jephthah story via the earlier chapters of the book it is a development which is easily envisaged. 13 as temporary allies of Moab. 29) provides precisely the kind of power vacuum in the region that would make Ammonite expansion likely. ) Jephthah concludes by asserting that not he, but his opponent is in the wrong and by appealing to 'Yahweh the judge' to decide 'this day' between the disputants: 27a b c I ("O1N) have not committed any crime against you (m) but you (nnN) do me (TIN) wrong by making war on me.

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