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By Natasha Stacey

Less than a Memorandum of knowing among Indonesia and Australia, conventional Indonesian fishermen are authorized entry to fish in a chosen quarter contained in the two hundred nautical mile Australian Fishing sector (AFZ). although, group and vessels are frequently apprehended for unlawful fishing task outdoor the accredited components and, after prosecution in Australian courts, their boats and gear are destroyed and the fishermen repatriated to Indonesia. this can be an ethnographic learn of 1 team of Indonesian maritime those who function within the AFZ. It matters Bajo those that originate from villages within the Tukang Besi Islands, Southeast Sulawesi. It explores the social, cultural, fiscal and historical stipulations which underpin Bajo crusing and fishing voyages within the AFZ. It additionally examines matters touching on Australian maritime growth and Australian govt regulations, therapy and figuring out of Bajo fishing. The learn considers the idea that of "traditional" fishing regulating entry to the MOU zone in keeping with use of unchanging know-how, and results bobbing up from adherence to one of these view of "traditional"; the impression of Australian maritime enlargement on Bajo fishing job; the effectiveness of coverage in supplying for fishing rights and preventing criminality, and why Bajo proceed to fish within the AFZ regardless of a variety of ongoing regulations on their task.

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3 The same belief is found amongst the Bugis of Luwu in South Sulawesi (Errington 1989: 52). Among Bajau Laut it is said that this is a result of a person being shocked or startled (kaget) (Sather 1997: 294–5). 35 Boats to Burn As we shall see, rituals conducted during phases of a boat’s construction liken it to the conception and birth of a child, and boats are given ‘ritual navels’ (bebol) which act as the point of attachment for their semangat. Houses, kinship groups and kingdoms also have navels which are a source of power that must be guarded and protected from harm (Errington 1983: 547).

The Bajo follow Sunni Islam but adhere to the faith with varying degrees of observance, both while at sea and in their villages. During Ramadan, the fasting month, some fishing and sailing activities are still undertaken but most Bajo prefer to rest in their home villages and fast. 1 Supernatural Beings The sea is the home of mbo madilao (the ancestors of the sea), who are believed to be descended from the prophets (nabbi). There are seven original mbo 1 In 1995 there were 10 haji (including 3 women) living in Mola who had made the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Adat is passed down from one generation to another and younger crew members are instructed by their elders on fishing voyages. 36 Chapter 3: The Maritime World of the Bajo Maritime Livelihoods Mobility underlies Bajo social and economic life. People move regularly, and may spend short or extended periods of time in different settlements. Strong kinship ties exist between all Bajo villages in the Tukang Besi Islands as well as with other Bajo communities in eastern Indonesia. A crew sailing from Mola to Pepela (on Roti Island) is likely to stop at the village of Wywuring in Adornara, or at Sulamu in Kupang, to get supplies, rest, and visit relatives.

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