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By Yasmine Galenorn

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The D'Artigo sisters have simply became of their badges to the Otherworld Intelligence corporation. Now that they're unfastened brokers they're hoping issues should be more uncomplicated, but if you're half-human, half-Fae, issues can move off track on the so much inopportune times...especially if you're trying to cross undercover and penetrate the underworld of a vamp society on the edge of war.

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After this, the deaths cease. Another story describes how in the nearby town of Va˘gíules¸ti a certain peasant’s children began to die one by one. The villagers hold council and decide that it is necessary to take a white horse to the village graveyard in order to determine if any vampires are present. The horse jumps over all the graves until it gets to that of the peasant’s mother-in-law, who it is said had been a witch in life. The horse refuses to pass over the grave, snorting and neighing and stamping its hoof.

Early understandings of soil types must have been crucial when burial practices were such an integral part of society. In the early prehistoric era, there is a notable change in burial attitudes, particularly towards inhumation. Burial, along with the interment of grave goods, replaced cremation, and this inhumation then progresses from ‘communal’ chambered tombs, such as West Kennet Long Barrow in Wiltshire, into more nucleated burials in much smaller barrows as the transition from the Neolithic into the Bronze Age takes place.

In The Buried Soul, Timothy Taylor discusses the beliefs attributed to early burial rites, and in particular the idea that early man at some point recognized the separation of the soul and body. After death, therefore, the soul may attempt to reassert itself with its worldly body and retrieve its ‘possession’, but only while the flesh remained on the body. After the flesh no longer remained, the soul would have no choice but to move on to the afterlife (as with later beliefs noted in Russia and Romania, for example).

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