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Characteristics of the biomass and production of bacterioplankton and phytoplankton on a cross section from Heron Island lagoon to the open sea in a northeasterly direction. Ag, Percentage of bacterioplankton in the aggregates; Pb, production of bacteria; Pph, production of phytoplankton; Bb, biomass of bacteria; P/B, coefficient of bacterioplankton. Typical results are presented in Fig. 15 and Table V. They show that the influence of the rich coral reef communities upon the productivity of the surrounding waters can be readily detected over the shelf area to a distance of 10-12 km from the reefs.

The density of distribution of the coral varies considerably from reef to reef and from place to place on the one reef, but, in general, the more landward part of the middle reef flat supports widely scattered, small clumps often less than a meter across. The area of unencumbered sandy floor greatly exceeds that occupied by the coral clumps. Here, also, only a small proportion of the 52 A. B. CRIBB coral is living, the extensive dead surfaces supporting a rich growth of macroscopic algae. Seaward, there is a general tendency for an increase in the size of the coral patches with a consequent reduction in the area of sandy floor.

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