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The widest range appears in the mid/late Middle and early Upper Pleistocene and it tends to widen over time. 5 My. 2 My that will lie above the line. 3. H. H. 3. ) Specimen Date1 Leatoli (LH)18 Ngandong I Ngandong V Ngandong VI Ngandong IX Ngandong X Ngandong XI 125 ky 50–150 50–150 50–150 50–150 50–150 50–150 Date2 ky ky ky ky ky ky 125 100 100 100 100 100 100 ky ky ky ky ky ky ky (cm3) 1367 1172 1251 1013 1135 1231 1090 Country Tanzania Java Java Java Java Java Java Notes: Date1 – Most likely age range.

If each band area diameter was 150 km, and each band consisted of 30 people, this would equal 37 bands (to the nearest whole number). 2. Erectine migration from Africa to Asia, theoretical band size and spacing Suez to Bay of Bengal (Jalpaiguri) 5500 km Ä 150 km dia. 2 km2) ¼ 37 bands of 30 individuals 1. 30 Â 37 ¼ 1110 hominins 2. 7 Â 37 ¼ 259 hominins 3. 12 Â 37 ¼ 444 hominins Bay of Bengal to Beijing (Nihewan Basin) 3500 km Ä 150 km ¼ 24 bands 1. 30 Â 24 ¼ 720 hominins 2. 7 Â 24 ¼ 168 hominins 3.

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