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There are reasonably good computational models of the primary visual cortex, and we are working our way up to the higher stages of visual cognition. We are uncovering what the basic learning algorithms are that govern how the strengths of synapses are modified by experience. The general architecture of our neuronal networks is being mapped out as we learn more about the interconnectivity between neurones and how different cortical areas project onto one another. While we are still far from understanding higher-level thinking, we are beginning to figure out how the individual components work and how they are hooked up.

Nevertheless, the trend it depicts has been going strong for an extended period of time and it has survived several transitions in the underlying technology (from relays to vacuum tubes, to transistors, to integrated circuits, to very large integrated circuits). Chip manufacturers rely on it when they plan their forthcoming product lines. It is therefore reasonable to suppose that it may continue to hold for some time. Using a conservative doubling time of two years, Moore’s law predicts that the upper-end estimate of the human brain’s processing power will be reached before 2020.

He gave speeches; he wrote books. And he performed experiments – on humans – to test his theory. 1 If Metchnikoff ’s methods seem outdated and extreme, it is probably because the ‘new’ century in which his life extension theory took hold was the twentieth, not the twenty-first. But far from being a well-meaning crank, Metchnikoff was among the most prominent scientists working at the dawn of biology’s modern golden age. He was an associate of Louis Pasteur (and eventually a director of the Demos 59 Better Humans?

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