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By Beth Shaw

This hugely acclaimed e-book now comprises greater than 800 full-color pictures and large insurance of warm-up and cool-down sequences, new poses integrated into equipped routines, a bankruptcy at the healing and restorative traits of yoga, and an increased dialogue on integrating meditation into way of life to foster a well-rounded yoga perform.

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Three-part breaths can be used at any time in a YogaFit session, including at the beginning and end of your session with relaxation breath (discussed next). Three-part breathing is usually coupled with ujjayi breathing for greater awareness and control. Three-Part Breath Exercise Sit tall and inhale, bringing your breath deep into your abdomen, then rib cage, and finally into your chest and throat. Exhale slowly and completely, letting everything go. Repeat several times. 27 28 Beth Shaw’s YogaFit Relaxation Breath Relaxation breath is a slow-paced technique used to induce a state of deep relaxation and centeredness.

Breathing this way should never be a struggle. Do only what you’re able to do calmly and comfortably. Sinking Breath People know that trying to force flexibility causes the muscles to resist and shorten. Sinking breath is a technique that uses longer exhalations to move you gently into a deeper stretch. , standing forward fold; downward-facing dog; or pyramid), your muscles relax, release, and lengthen. Sinking Breath Exercise Assume a relaxed pose such as child’s pose or forward fold. Inhaling, feel your body lift slightly.

Hormonal changes cause ligaments to loosen, and going too deeply into a posture can result in injury. Pay special attention to core stability to protect the joints and connective tissue when practicing for two. Also avoid lower spinal twists, low lunges, upward facing dog, and supine-lying poses. Use caution with poses such as warrior I (it can create pressure in the SI joints and low back), forward folds (seated or standing; legs should be spaced apart to allow room for your growing abdomen), child’s pose (space knees apart to allow room for your growing abdomen), and backbends like camel to avoid putting too much stretch on the abdomen.

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