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By Doug Moench

Following the occasions of BATMAN: BLOODSTORM, Batman falls deeper into the gothic abyss of his new vampiric nature. now not capable of sate his bloodlust, the darkish Knight transforms right into a bad monster made up our minds to manage his personal tough justice to the criminals of Gotham. appearing with no guilt or sense of right and wrong, Batman unleashes terrible and savage assaults on a few of his oldest foes, together with Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, and the Riddler. the ultimate tragic bankruptcy within the Batman/Dracula trilogy, this ebook chronicles a hero's ultimate descent to the inner most pits of darkness and evil.

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Pam sat down on a chair, hard. She giggled again. "Get ready, buttercup! I'll take the gold; you take the blue. " She shrugged off her coat, and when the speckled blouse came into view, she read the alarm on my face correctly. She turned her back to the room to unbutton it, then turned it inside out and tossed it on the floor, close to the vamp. To my amazement, the vamp waited for a moment, then in one quick movement picked up the blouse and stuffed it into her huge bag. Pam was out of her clothes and into the costume as if it were her daily routine.

He'd been on the force long enough to have a kind of worn-out face, but he hadn't become so world-weary as to be able to completely ignore the abundance of Pam and me that was on display. I learned that the idea of being with a white woman didn't do a thing for Officer Washington, which helped him do his job. " he asked. He had a pad and pencil out. By now we knew that the victims were Michael and Rudy. "Yes, we had an appointment," I said. "What for? " "We used to work at another vamp-owned club," I said, improvising.

I had never seen Pam scared of anything. She was a revered fighter, even among the vampires, who were known for savagery and ruthlessness. " "That won't help you," Rudy said with a sneer. He was lounging against the wall. "She won't be feeling herself again for a couple of hours. In the meantime, we'll have fun with you first, Michael and me. " "Pam, look at me," I said sharply, trying not to picture their idea of fun. She did look. "You have to help me," I said intently, trying to get a message into her addled brain.

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