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By Monk Henry, Mark Smith, Rob Eckhardt

The 1st people SAILING's well known Keelboat sequence, easy Keelboat covers the talents and terminology required to responsibly skipper a small daysailing keelboat. easy Keelboat breaks down maneuvers like tacking, jibing, docking and overboard restoration in an easy, comprehensible demeanour. utilized by crusing colleges round the state, easy Keelboat is the definitive learn-to-sail textual content, released by means of the nationwide authority for crusing within the U.S.

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For now, just understanding balance will help explain why certain things are happening on your boat. Force from mainsail Force from jib t Force from rudder Force from keel Forces on a sailboat act like weights on a see-saw (above), with the keel supporting the middle. If the force from one sail outweighs the other, the see-saw will tip (the boat will turn). Force from keel Force from rudder After the First Sail II Tacking Angles Jibing Angles You can reach an upwind destination in several ways.

II The Sailing Environment Tides and Currents Tides are the vertical change of water level and are caused primarily by the gravitational pull of the moon on the earth. As the moon rotates around the earth, it "pulls" the earth's water toward it. As the moon moves, so does the water level in most bodies of ocean water. S. In the Gulf of Mexico there is usually only one high and one low per day. With a watch, a tide table and a chart you can determine the depth of the water in which you are sailing or anchoring at any given time.

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