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By George David Birkhoff, Ralph Beatley

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Python An Introduction to Programming

This ebook is an creation to programming options that makes use of Python three because the aim language. It follows a pragmatic just-in-time presentation – fabric is given to the scholar while it really is wanted. Many examples can be according to video games, simply because Python has turn into the language of selection for uncomplicated video game improvement.

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Within a procedure, you can call another procedure. Do this simply by typing the name of the procedure you want to run next. All procedure names must have a colon after them (:) in both the PROC command and when calling that PROC from inside the code. 10 PROGRAMMING PRINCIPLES PROC Main: SetupApp: DoSomethingNice: SaveStatus: ENDP PROC SetupApp: rem Do something interesting here ENDP etc... In this example, PROC Main: is opened, it calls three other procedures in order, then reaches ENDP and the program closes.

It is therefore wasteful to always use a float. Defining Variables Before you can use a variable, you need to have told your program that you are going to use it by defining it. Think of it as reserving a little 12 PROGRAMMING PRINCIPLES space in memory to store the information. There are two ways of defining a variable. A GLOBAL variable is a variable that any procedure in the program can use, at any time. A LOCAL variable is a variable that only the specific procedure in which it is defined can use.

3 Learning the Vocabulary Now we’ve had a look deep inside your phone, at how it works and the basics of what a program is, we can start looking at OPL and how it works. Like any language, OPL has a grammar that you need to follow to be understood. You have words (commands) that have to be followed by certain things to make them work. These make up lines of code (sentences) and these lines of code can be grouped to make procedures (paragraphs). From now on, we’re only going to concern ourselves with how the computer reacts to the OPL code you write.

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