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By James Barry

The objective of this monograph is to study the identified actual elements of 2 strange sorts of atmospheric luminous phenomena, to infer their features and homes, and to advertise efforts to enhance their knowing. those varieties, known as ball lightning and bead lightning, have visible pictures that vary from the linear photo linked to normallightning. The phrases "balliightning" and "bead lightning" are used to indicate atmospheric luminous kinds that are sometimes saw and feature the geometrie form instructed via their identify. Vet, it truly is attainable that neither phenomenon might in truth be a kind of lightning within the experience of a continual electric discharge. Bead lightning has been defined because the residue of a cloud-to­ cloud or cloud-to-ground lightning stroke and has the looks of aseries of luminous balls separated via darkish areas, hence reminiscent of astring of pearls, and continues to be noticeable for roughly one moment. Ball lightning has been defined as a unmarried luminous globe showing ne ar the floor after a lightning stroke and in addition closing noticeable for approximately one moment. either phenomena stay noticeable a ways longer than general lightning flashes.

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Silberg (1962, 1965) discussed the formation of green-colored ball-like clouds formed during large direct current discharges. The green color was attributed to copper vapor from the electrodes. Refer to Chapter 7 for more detail on these and other experimental results. Structure. In general, there are three structural types. First, asolid appearance with a dull or reflecting surface or asolid core within a translucent envelope; second, a rotating structure, suggestive of internal motion and stress; and third, a structure with a burning appearance.

30 Chapter 2 The confinement of a current filament by its own self-magnetic field has been considered by Spitzer (1962) and Tanenbaum (1967). The fields of a current filament are normally defined in cylindrical coordinates. A plasma confined by its own B 9 field component is termed a self-pinched plasma and one confined by an external B z field componet is termed externally pinched. The self-pinched discharge is occasionally termed a longitudinal pinch as the current is along the longitudinal dimension.

This consideration avoids the physical problem of a sharp discontinuity of energy density at the surface and is more satisfying to our understanding of natural phenomena. This assumption does not preclude the possibility of the energy density changing rapidly over a thin layer at the ball boundary-a skin effect. 1) Characteristics of Ball Lightning 47 where j(r) is the radial distribution of the energy density, r is the radial distance, and R is the boundary distance. A uniform energy distribution would have j(r) = constant and the total energy E 0 would be a simple relation, E 0 = j(r) X V, where V is the ball volume.

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