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By Sue Ann Jaffarian

Who's murdering vampires in la and throwing the our bodies into the Dedhams' pool? each one sufferer has been branded, a different mark that's the calling card of femme fatale vampire Ann Hayes. The contemptuous undead attractiveness proclaims her innocence, yet can the vampires think her? Has Ann lower back to reclaim Doug Dedham, whom she as soon as enjoyed? Or is she being framed?Complicating issues are Madison's burgeoning emotions for either horny vampire Colin Reddy and fellow "beater" detective Mike Notchey. The stakes have by no means been larger as Madison and the vampires race to resolve the secret and prevent the killer.

Praise: "Sexy repartee, brisk plotting, and luxurious supernatural scene-setting... a decidedly clean spin on vamp lit."--Sophie Littlefield, Anthony Award-winning writer of a nasty Day for Sorry

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It hurt like hell to pull himself up to a sitting position, and then to his feet, but apart from the bloody mess of his chest, which was partially healed now, and what fighting the handcuffs had done to his wrists, he was apparently not too much the worse for wear. They were in someone’s apartment—Asian geek’s, he guessed, from the Chinese calligraphy scrolls on the walls and the fact that he was the one now putting the kettle on. Spartan and neatly kept, the apartment was furnished in an eclectic collection of family hand-me-downs, including the futon couch on which Loki had been restrained, and which Gwyn and the red-haired girl were now putting back to its usual configuration when not being used as a Kindred torture device.

The scythe came down, and Loki’s chest exploded in agonizing pain. 35 janet trautvetter 36 she continued, “but you’ll keep a civil tongue in your head. ” Loki’s head snapped around, staring up in disbelief at the black woman in the gray business suit standing over him on the other side, too solid to be a ghost, her glare still capable of putting a check on his tongue. As if he were still a seventeen-year-old truant and almost-juvenile delinquent, caught out after curfew, by the only adult who still gave a damn when he broke the rules.

As Baihu had said, the laws of reality were subject to change. “Uh, no, if it’s all the same to you,” Loki said. ” And I haven’t got any to spare just now, anyway. Baihu actually chuckled. “I guess I can understand that,” he said. ” Tiaret asked. ” Loki grimaced and shook his head. ” He still wasn’t sure why he had accepted the offer of a ride anyway. Not like there wasn’t an El station in Chinatown, once he got his bearings on where the hell he was. “Any El station on the North Side’s fine. I like my privacy.

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