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By Clyde Soles

Backpacker's outdoors Knots offers readers step by step directions for tying the main worthy knots and hitches, splices and lashings for the outside; details at the top kind of rope and knot for every job handy; the way to adequately arrange, coil, and continue ropes for sturdiness and reliability. this useful pocket-sized advisor is ninety six pages, comprises popouts, and comprises colour images, charts, and illustrations as wanted in the course of the interior.

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Shape the knot by pulling on the loop and the two main sections of the rope. 6. Tighten the knot by pulling on the two main sections of rope. indd 42 8/30/10 2:39 PM Inline Figure-8 There may be times where you have one end of the rope anchored and you need a loop that can be pulled against the anchor. Although the figure-8 and butterfly loops will work, there is a better solution that is also super easy: the inline figure-8. 1. Start by making a bight pointed away from the anchor. 2. Then tie a regular figure-8 loop but only wrap around the line that goes to the anchor.

4. Slip the loops over a pole or tent stake, or clip the loops to a carabiner, then tighten. indd 48 8/30/10 2:39 PM 1. Another easy method is to grab the rope with your hands crossed. 2. While holding the rope, uncross your hands so the palms face each other. indd 49 49 8/30/10 2:39 PM 3. Bring the loops together. 4. The clove hitch is ready to be attached. Among the most common uses of the clove hitch is anchoring to a carabiner. This is something that behooves you to practice until it’s second nature.

Start with a long bight of rope and start to tie an overhand loop, only add another wrap. 2. Tuck the working end through the loop. indd 22 8/30/10 2:38 PM 3. Snug the knot up and try to uncross the strands so that it will be a bit easier to untie. Climbers routinely use this same knot for tying a rope to their harness. In that situation, you simply tie a figure-8 a few feet from the end of the rope, then thread the working end through the harness and retrace the first knot. There is no need to tie a backup knot for a figure-8 loop, though many climbers do out of fear.

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