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By Al Sweigart

If you have ever spent hours renaming records or updating countless numbers of spreadsheet cells, you understand how tedious projects like those will be. yet what for those who can have your machine do them for you?

In Automate the dull Stuff with Python, you are going to how to use Python to write down courses that do in mins what may take you hours to do via hand—no earlier programming event required. as soon as you may have mastered the fundamentals of programming, you will create Python courses that easily practice precious and ambitious feats of automation to:

  • Search for textual content in a dossier or throughout a number of files
  • Create, replace, circulate, and rename records and folders
  • Search the internet and obtain on-line content
  • Update and structure information in Excel spreadsheets of any size
  • Split, merge, watermark, and encrypt PDFs
  • Send reminder emails and textual content notifications
  • Fill out on-line forms

Step-by-step directions stroll you thru each one application, and perform tasks on the finish of every bankruptcy problem you to enhance these courses and use your newfound talents to automate related tasks.

Don't spend it slow doing paintings a well-trained monkey may well do. no matter if you could have by no means written a line of code, you can also make your desktop do the grunt paintings. find out how in Automate the uninteresting Stuff with Python.

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For example, Table 1-1 lists all the math operators in Python. 75 * Multiplication 3 * 5 15 - Subtraction 5 - 2 3 + Addition 2 + 2 4 The order of operations (also called precedence) of Python math oper­ ators is similar to that of mathematics. The ** operator is evaluated first; the *, /, //, and % operators are evaluated next, from left to right; and the + and - operators are evaluated last (also from left to right). You can use parentheses to override the usual precedence if you need to. 0 In each case, you as the programmer must enter the expression, but Python does the hard part of evaluating it down to a single value.

10. Why does this expression cause an error? How can you fix it? ' Extra credit: Search online for the Python documentation for the len() function. ” Skim the list of other functions Python has, look up what the round() function does, and experiment with it in the interactive shell. Python Basics 29 2 Flow Control So you know the basics of individual instructions and that a program is just a series of instructions. But the real strength of programming isn’t just running (or executing) one instruction after another like a weekend errand list.

Yes Have umbrella? No Wait a while. Yes No Is raining? Yes End Figure 2-1: A flowchart to tell you what to do if it is raining In a flowchart, there is usually more than one way to go from the start to the end. The same is true for lines of code in a computer program. Flow­ charts represent these branching points with diamonds, while the other steps are represented with rectangles. The starting and ending steps are represented with rounded rectangles. But before you learn about flow control statements, you first need to learn how to represent those yes and no options, and you need to understand how to write those branching points as Python code.

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