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By E. Palmén and C.W. Newton (Eds.)

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Analogous with the angular momentum flux (Chapter I), the energy flux can be divided into two parts: the flux due to mean meridional circulations and the eddy flux. 11) 34 2 Heat Balance and Transfer of Energy The circulation flux can be computed if f, $, k, and jj are known for selected periods of time. 3). A corresponding simplification is also applicable to Eq. 10), but will not be used here. 2 MEAN ANNUAL ENERGY BUDGET OVER THE GLOBE If only annual means are considered, the storage terms in Eqs.

Considering also that the winter-summer mean may not represent a true annual average, it is difficult to judge which of the curves in Fig. 6 better represents the real northward flux of energy in the atmosphere.

Godske et al. (1957) give an overall summary of their results. 1a shows the seasonal variation of effective insolation and outgoing terrestrial radiation, determined from satellite measurements between 600N and 600S by Rasool and Prabhakara (1966). The values shown may, of course, be somewhat changed when a longer period of observations is analyzed; however, the main features are representative. Insolation varies strongly, especially in higher latitudes, in accord with differences of solar elevation.

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