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Climate Change Science: An Analysis of Some Key Questions

The warming of the Earth has been the topic of severe debate and crisis for plenty of scientists, policy-makers, and electorate for no less than the earlier decade. weather swap technological know-how: An research of a few Key Questions, a brand new document by way of a committee of the nationwide study Council, characterizes the worldwide warming pattern during the last a hundred years, and examines what should be in shop for the twenty first century and the level to which warming might be because of human job.

The Global Warming Desk Reference

With worldwide temperatures emerging quickly in past times sector century, infrared forcing, popularly referred to as the greenhouse influence, has attracted around the globe predicament. This e-book is a concise, college-level compendium of the examine on international warming. It surveys the clinical consensus at the factor, describes contemporary findings, and in addition considers the arguments of skeptics who doubt that international warming is a possibility.

The Climatology of Air-Mass and Frontal Extreme Precipitation: Study of meteorological data in Europe

In accordance with an information sequence of greater than 50 years, this ebook discusses spatial and seasonal variability in air-mass and frontal severe precipitation frequency and in addition to the connection among their incidence and atmospheric circulate. The climatology of air-mass and frontal severe precipitation is gifted for the 1st time on a eu scale.

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Ranges of data are shown for each date, and authors' uncertainty for a single measurement is shown as a double arrow. R* Ridley et al. (1974), aircraft 9-34° N, afternoon IX 73, and 65^75° N, polar low sun XI 73, chemiluminescence. Range of data is shown. SL Savage et al. (1974), aircraft 25-49° N, midday XI 73-V 74, chemiluminescence. ixHiii 10" Particle»/cm3 Fig. I'll. Semilog plots of estimated concentrations of the oxides of nitrogen versus altitude for an overhead sun. and Fontanella et al.

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