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By Phillip Clark

Atlas of scientific Avian Hematology is a pragmatic consultant to the hematological features of birds. Illustrated all through with many colour pictures, this wealthy source aids interpretation of hematological info, and promotes the actual type of hematological cells and id of pathological changes.

Covering over a hundred species of birds, the Atlas illustrates the overall hematological features of birds; the hematological adaptations encountered among the various Orders of birds; and the hematological responses to illness of birds, utilizing scientific circumstances from many species of birds and a number of medical disorders.

  • Describes tips to gather and deal with blood samples from birds to top safeguard the standard of the blood.
  • Highly illustrated, colour advisor to the hematological features of birds
  • Case information and photographs illustrates the avian hematological responses to disease

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36 Atlas of Clinical Avian Hematology Figure 50 Erythrocytes from a red-tailed black cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus banksii) viewed by scanning electron microscopy. The erythrocytes are ovoid and lack a distinct distension of the central region of the cell. The light microscopic appearance of erythrocytes from this species is shown in Figures 68, 194 and 195. Figure 51 Erythrocytes from a barn owl (Tyto alba) viewed by scanning electron microscopy. The erythrocytes are ovoid and lack a distinct distension of the central region of the cell.

Dein et al. 2% for this method. Similarly stains, such as phloxine B, have been used to identify acidophilic granulocytes and when counted in a hemocytometer to allow a quantitative determination of their concentration to be made (Campbell & Dein 1984). The dilution of the sample and the volume of the particular hemocytometer employed will affect the calculation to determine the concentration of acidophils. Dein et al. 8% when using a prepackaged diluent system (Unopette test 5877, Becton Dickinson, Rutherford, NJ).

A differential leukocyte count from a Romanowsky stained blood film identified 57% heterophils, 13% lymphocytes, 16% monocytes, 7% eosinophils and 7% basophils. 33 × 109/L basophils. 30 Atlas of Clinical Avian Hematology The MCH may be calculated from the hemoglobin and erythrocyte concentrations according to the formula: MCH (pg) = Hemoglobin concentration (g/L)/erythrocyte concentration (× 1012/L) Figure 45 A hemocytometer containing blood from an Australian gannet (Morus serrator) that has been quantitatively mixed with an acidophilic stain.

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