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By Bob Albrecht, LeRoy Finkel, Jerald R. Brown

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Here are more examples, showing how the ATARI computers print floating point numbers. 2345678E+1S Our ATARI computer prints at most nine digits for the mantissa and chops the mantissa at the ninth digit. The mantissa is printed as a nonzero digit to the left of the decimal point and up to eight digits to the right of the decimal point. 66666666E+11 GETTING STARTED 31 30. It works the same way with very small numbers. 23456788E-~Negative We type: PRINT It types: I. SSSSSS1234567884 Negative exponent The mantissa is printed with how many digits to the left of the decimal point?

You will also learn about variables and be able to supply values for variables used in BASIC programs. When you have finished this chapter, you will be able to: • write programs in which values are assigned to variables by means of LET statements or INPUT statements; • distinguish between and use numeric variables and string variables; • write programs in which a value calculated by a BASIC expression is assigned to a numerical variable in a LET statement; • store a BASIC program in the computer's memory; • erase an unwanted program from the computer's memory, LIST a program currently in the computer, and RUN (execute) a program; • edit, correct, and delete statements in a stored program; • write programs that use the GO TO statement to repeat a portion of a program or to skip over a portion of a program; • use REMARK statements to make programs more readable and .

Executes the statement, then "forgets" it (frame 5) 2. Press DELETE BACK S to delete the mistake, then type the correct character (frames 7-9) 3. addition subtraction mUltiplication division exponentiation (frames 10-24) + * / 4. ) (frame 3) 5. PLEASE DO THE HOMEWORK ON PAGE 157 6. 6 7. PRINT 5/ 9*(F-32) or PRINT (5 / 9)*(F-32) Did you remember the asterisk? By the way, we will also accept PRINT 5*(F-32)/9 (frames 20-23) 8. Only the cursor shows. Entire line deleted. (frame 9) 9. Evaluate the numerical expression 23 + 45 and print the result.

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