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AHP's 2013 annual assortment includes five unique examine articles, 7 new items of fiction, & 20 studies of contemporary books. ARTICLES. Ian G Baird-Shifting Contexts & Performances: The Brao-Kavet & Their Sacred Mountains in Northeast Cambodia. Dpa' mo skyid-The 'Descent of Blessings': Ecstasy & Revival one of the Tibetan Bon groups of Reb gong. Gerong Pincuo & Henrëtte Daudey-Too a lot Loving-kindness to pay off: Funeral Speeches of the Wenquan Pumi. Wang Shiyong-Towards a Localized improvement strategy for Tibetan components in China. William Noseworthy-The Cham's First Highland Sovereign-Po Romé (r. 1627-1651). FICTION. Bsod nams 'gyur med-Folktales from Gcig sgril. Lhundrom-Longing for Snow-covered Peaks: Deity ownership within the Philippines. Thub bstan-Elopement. Ba Lobsang Gonbo-Love in Shambala. Pad+ma skyabs-The expense of a Thesis. Pad ma rin chen-Scattered thoughts of a Misspent early life & clash. stories. 20 new books on Tibetan, Mongolian, chinese language, & Highland Southeast Asian experiences.

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Some audience members informed me that a basketball competition in the village had just finished, and people had then come to see the dance. Spectators were calm during the first hour of the dance. About an hour into the performances, all the dancers entered, led by two Gshin rje, and began circling counterclockwise. Several spectators began to experience the descent of blessings. The first was the woman I had seen during my first observation in Gling rgya bon tshang ma Village. She began shaking and looked around among the spectators, as if to ensure that nobody was watching her.

After this incident, the descent of blessings spread rapidly. Monks began to experience it, then bon gshen, and finally laypeople. I now describe my observations of several Chos thog chen mo rituals from 2009 to 2011, and the descent of blessings that occurred there. First Observation. Gling rgya bon tshang ma Village. October 2009. , people gradually began gathering in the temple courtyard. , the conch blower summoned the bon gshen to the assembly hall and they began chanting. As they chanted, different preparations for the afternoon ritual dance were made in the courtyard, including chalking out the performance area, arranging seating for the bon gshen, and bringing out flags.

At first, the musicians appeared unsure if they should continue accompanying the dance. Then A lags Bon brgya, who was sitting on the second floor of the temple, gave the signal to play music and the musicians played as usual and the dancer danced as usual. During the dance, A lags Bon brgya and others threw windhorses. The dancer was still ecstatic when the dance was due to 48 Asian Highlands Perspectives conclude. Two bon gshen supported him under his arms and brought him to the main assembly hall.

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