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By John W. Amos II

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Western e d u c a t e d Arabs appear on t h e outside to be as modern and swinging as their European c o u n t e r p a r t s - 26 Arab-Israeli Military/Political Relations except where it comes to their womenfolk. In Lebanon, t h e r e w e r e perhaps as many female victims of the traditional but large scale feuding between various Lebanese factions t h a t ultimately e s c a l a t e d into civil war in t h e fall of 1973. Where the deaths of men were openly a d m i t t e d by all sides, the deaths of women were not.

The subsequent conciliatory approach toward Palestinian demands taken by t h e J o r danian government triggered a counter response by Jordanian Bedouins who identified themselves and their honor with t h e fortunes of t h e regime. Symbolically, some Jordanian Bedouin army units tied brassieres on the antennas of their vehicles in t h e Fall of 1970. This was said to express their collective dishonor, their feeling t h a t Husayn's conciliatory approach t o t h e Palestinians had dishonored them and made them into women.

SYRIA: THE PROJECTION OF PRIMORDIAL CONFLICT Since the middle fifties Syrian politics have revolved around t h e a t t e m p t s of various governments t o l e g i t i m a t e t h e m s e l v e s . This b e c a m e especially t r u e a f t e r February 23, 1966. On t h a t d a t e a radical faction of t h e Ba'th party had overthrown the original Ba'th leadership which had ruled since 1963. This new group (nicknamed the neo-Ba'th t o distinguish it from its predecessor) was of younger officers and provincial politicians.

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