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By Steven Beller

Anti-Semitism has been a chillingly power presence through the final millennium, culminating nowa days within the horror of the ultimate answer.

This Very brief creation examines and untangles a few of the strands of anti-Semitism obvious all through background, revealing why hatred of the Jews seems to be so chronic via time. Steven Beller illuminates the background of the phenomenon: from medieval spiritual clash, to the expansion of anti-Semitism as a political and ideological circulate within the nineteenth century, to the "new" anti-Semitism of the twenty first century, as mirrored in Holocaust denial and Islamic anti-Zionism. the writer additionally discusses the position and attitudes of key figures similar to Wagner, Nietzsche, and Marx, in addition to key texts reminiscent of the cast "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."

In brief, this compact booklet deals an insightful account that underscores how anti-Semitism reached it its darkish apogee within the worst genocide in glossy history--the Holocaust--and the way it nonetheless persists worldwide this day.

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