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By Anne Frank

Hiding from the Nazis within the "Secret Annexe"  of an outdated place of work development in Amsterdam, a  thirteen-year-old lady named Anne Frank grew to become a writer.  The now well-known diary of her deepest lifestyles and  thoughts finds in basic terms a part of Anne's tale, however.  This booklet completes the portrait of this remarkable  and proficient younger   author.

Tales from the key Annex is a  complete number of Anne Frank's lesser-known  writings: brief tales, fables, own reminiscences,  and an unfinished novel. the following, too, are portions  of the diary initially withheld from publication  by her father. through turns fantastical, rebellious,  touching, humorous, and heartbreaking, those writings  reveal the fantastic diversity of Anne Frank's  wisdom and imagination--as good as her indomitable love  of existence. Anne Frank's  Tales from the key Annex is a  testaments to this decided younger woman's extraordinary  genius and to the continual energy of the  creative spirit.

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Like many an eighteen-year-old of the period, Gerda, spirited, with racy Semitic features, gleaming white teeth and a beautiful singing voice, would have loved to become a film star. With me in tow, she made the tour of the studios. But there was no lack of young ladies of piquant appearance — and singing voices were not needed for silent films. In one of the smoke-filled offices an impresario, jabbing a finger under my chin, turned my head from side to side. “Whose boy is that here? ” asked a fat, deep voice.

My father’s older brother’s turn had come, my little Uncle David with the 38 I re n e Aw re t funny, bald pink head. ” But Uncle David and I also had our private greeting ritual. ” I would ask standing at the door, Uncle David would promptly lead me into the kitchen to sniff at the pots on the range. “L’ho daudis (Hebrew for the first two words of the prayer inviting the Sabbath) with puppies,” he answered without moving a muscle. Only his sharp blue eyes behind equally sharp glasses gave the tiniest wink.

A year later my father and Gerda would plant on my mother’s grave a wild rose and snowdrops, her favorite flowers. For me there would be no more quick fix with a drop of spittle, no more little taps of encouragement. She would not see me grow up, nor would she be there when it finally became clear that neither cleanliness nor a passion for order, no amount of politeness and not even true patriotism would help me, my family or any other Jew in Germany. At this moment, however, my mother was first and foremost intent on assuring a career on the stage for me, and up here on the fourth floor of the old building on Bülow Street, on parquet boards spotted with colophonium, Papa Gronsky was working hard to transform a chubby duckling into a swan.

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