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By Laurell K. Hamilton

The number one big apple instances bestselling writer who "just retains improving and better" (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) offers 5 novels in her sensational supernatural sequence that includes Anita Blake, federal marshal and vampire hunter.

Cerulean Sins
Incubus Dreams
Danse Macabre
The Harlequin

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None that was found. ” He cast a glance at her, and found her expression distant with recollection. “It is very odd. He dressed plainly when he passed through Chartres, more plainly than the Bishop St. Lys, at least, but he wore a cassock, and a ring. ” “Unless he was making some attempt at secrecy, but, even so, you are correct. ” Myca noted that point. ” Lady Rosamund shook her head. “I never saw it closely enough to make out details, but it was a heavy gold signet, and large. ” He made a quick sketch and, as he finished, the last of the nails came free and the casket lid came off.

Its light shone through the skin of stone and the skin of flesh— imperishable, eternal. He knew it for absolute truth when he came before the great walls of the Hagia Sophia, and saw its dome shining with the light of the rising sun, filling the arch of the heavens with the city’s glory. He wept then, and fell to his knees, and bowed down in homage that he would offer to nothing and no one else. *** Myca came back to himself slowly, warned by the heaviness in his limbs and the sluggishness of his thoughts that the sun was not yet below the horizon.

A pause. ” The room was originally constructed as an adjunct to Myca’s own private study, a storage room for the overflowing contents of his library, perfectly square and lined in bookshelves, several of which were as-yet empty. The small worktable was pushed back against one of them and the heavy wooden casket Nikita traveled in occupied the center of the room. Lady Rosamund stepped inside and looked curiously about; the three servants they had brought with them for protection, appropriate chaperonage, and heavy lifting entered behind her.

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