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By Terence Cartwright

This booklet covers all points of the recent applied sciences had to flip animal cells into an appropriate and good value device for drug construction. This comprises editing them genetically in order that they produce the proper product in excessive yield, getting them to develop reproducibly on an commercial scale, and extracting the necessary product from them. It additionally covers organic issues of safety, and the verification of the chemical and organic nature of the protein drug produced. The paintings covers the newest advancements in all of those parts and the way all of them have to be built-in for the layout of a good biotechnological creation method.

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In other cases (Williams et al, 1990; Strasser et al, 1991), the continued presence of growth factor is essential throughout the life of the cell and removal or absence of the factor initiates the preprogrammed autodestruction of the cells by a process called apoptosis which is distinct from the general degenerative processes initiated by nutrient deprivation or by trauma.

As discussed later, properly validated virus inactivation procedures could achieve this objective, but most procedures which inactivate viruses also damage the cell-growth promoting capacity of serum, as well as adding substantially to its cost. For this reason, the policy of specifying that only serum from specified countries of origin where the virus in question is thought not to occur has become widely required by regulating agencies. This has resulted in the creation of a league table of acceptable geographical sources with New Zealand, the United States and Australia occupying the highest places.

Advantages of this system over blood collection at slaughter are obvious and include • better control over animal husbandry. • complete knowledge of the health (especially virological) status of all animals used. • complete control of the blood collection conditions, permitting truly aseptic collection and the use of a rapid, fully integrated GMP process from collection to sterile filling. • reproducibility of batches since the herd is maintained over long periods. • full traceability to the source animal with the possibility that the user can specify which animals should be used to assemble a batch.

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