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By Gaillard R. Peck Jr.

This ebook is the tale of a gaggle of army pioneers who have been rationale on utilizing their adventure and data to increase a brand new education paradigm for fighter pilots. As a Vietnam veteran and Phantom F-4 pilot, Col. Gail Peck (call-sign «EVIL») have been disillusioned with the extent of teaching provided to US fighter pilots. He was firm to make sure that US fighter pilots have been unbeatable within the air fairly opposed to their chilly battle adversaries flying the already mythical MiG fighter jets. operating with the help of normal Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Jr., and lower than stipulations of the upmost secrecy the consistent PEG application used to be introduced with Peck because the unique «Red Eagle.»

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It smells funny and it makes weird and unfamiliar noises, at least to an American fighter pilot, but it is an honest airplane. I’m “buried” in the cockpit with my helmet just above the fuselage. My head is encased in the clear Plexiglas canopy, with a periscope over my head allowing me to glance up and see directly behind me. I’m just chugging along getting ready to give four dudes flying F-4 Phantom IIs the dogfight of their lives. This airplane reminds me of the little train engine working its way up the mountain.

Still level. Why doesn’t he zoom into the vertical? I move my control stick forward to end the snap roll and let the ailerons handle the roll control, and now stick and ailerons to get the pipper onto his canopy. YES! “Guns tracking on the F-4. KILL” – simulated in this training event of course! What about the wingman? Quick roll back to the left and there he is about to hammer me. But, my friend, I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve – the same one that your leader just experienced. Hard back stick.

Looking down through the haze at the jungle and attempting to pick out the Thunderchiefs in their jungle camouflage required a lot of concentration, and the first indication that Billy Gordon had that he himself was under attack was the thump of the impact of the missile fired by the second MiG-21. Billy’s new-guy wingman had seen the MiG approaching, but, as he freely admitted, was paralyzed by fear and was unable to push the radio microphone button and warn Billy of the impending attack. The MiG-21 with an air-to-air “Atoll” missile and a high quality radar vector had completed the intercept and taken its toll with a kill from about a mile in trail, in spite of Billy having a wingman supposedly covering him from the fighting wing position.

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