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By Michael Crichton

From the writer of Jurassic Park, Timeline, and Sphere comes this outstanding mystery approximately airline safeguard, company intrigue, and a perilous cover-up.
“The pacing is speedy, the suspense nonstop.”—People
At a second while the problem of security and dying within the skies is paramount within the public brain, a deadly midair catastrophe aboard a advertisement twin-jet airliner flying from Hong Kong to Denver triggers a careworn and frantic research within which the best casualty could be the truth.
“A one-sitting learn that may reason a life of white-knuckled nightmares.”—The Philaelphia Inquirer
“The final mystery . . . [Crichton’s] tales are continuously page-turners of the top order. . . . [Airframe] strikes like a firehouse puppy chasing a crimson truck.”—The Denver Post
“Dramatically vivid.”—The ny Times

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She picked up the receiver. "Hello, Jim—" "Don't be stupid, bitch," a voice said. "You want trouble, you'll get it. Accidents happen. " Click. She stood in the kitchen, holding the phone in her hand. Casey had always thought of herself as levelheaded, but her heart was pounding. She forced herself to take a deep breath as she hung up the receiver. She knew these calls happened sometimes. She'd heard of other vice-presidents getting threatening calls at night. But it had never happened to her, and she was surprised at how frightened she felt.

Kenny Burne spun on his heel, throwing his hands in the air. "Do you believe this shit? They're asking kids what they thought. This is the news. '" He snorted. " On the screen, the TV program now showed an elderly woman who said, "Yes, I thought I was going to die. " Then a middle-aged man: "My wife and I prayed. " the interviewer asked. "We thought we were going to die," the man said. " Bume was yelling again: "You asshole! In a car you would have died. In a nightclub you would have died. But not in a Norton widebody!

Lee sighed philosophically. "You know," he said, "I've spent a lot of time in meetings like this. And the tendency is always to blame the guy who's not there. It's human nature. I've already explained to you why the flight crew left the country. Your own records confirm the captain is a first-rate pilot. It's possible he made an error. But given the history of problems with this aircraft—slats problems—I'd look first at the aircraft. " "We will," Marder said. "Of course we will, but—" "Because it's to no one's advantage," Lee said, "to get into a pissing match.

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