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Weight and stability is a vital element to the protection of flight. An obese plane, or one whose heart of gravity is open air the allowable limits, is inefficient and unsafe to fly. The accountability for correct weight and stability regulate starts off with the engineers and architects, and extends to the pilot and mechanic who flies and continues the airplane. This Federal Aviation management (FAA) ebook addresses this safety-crucial subject and in learning this guide, pilots and Aviation upkeep Technicians (AMTs) will achieve the required wisdom almost about airplane weight and stability, in coaching for the FAA wisdom examination in addition to secure flight and upkeep operations.

Basic plane weight and stability keep watch over ideas and techniques for the education, and the particular weighing of an plane commence the dialogue, together with the tools of choosing the positioning of the empty weight middle of gravity. Loading computations with loading graphs and tables of weight and second indexes persist with, together with directions on deciding upon the load and middle of gravity alterations because of upkeep and adjustments or elimination and deploy of apparatus. Chapters are devoted to light-sport airplane, single-engine plane, multi-engine plane, and commuter and big plane, in addition to helicopter weight and stability keep an eye on and picking out lateral CG. additionally integrated are examples of fixing weight and stability difficulties utilizing a hand held digital calculator, E6-B flight computing device, and a devoted digital flight computer.

This 2016 variation displays the most recent aviation tactics, apparatus, ideas, laws, and is a key reference within the FAA Airman Certification criteria (ACS). Illustrated all through with particular, full-color drawings, and contains a word list and index.

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CG limits envelope: is the enclosed area on a graph of the airplane loaded weight and the CG location. If lines drawn from the weight and CG cross within this envelope, the airplane is properly loaded. Loading Graph Figure 4-6 is a typical loading graph taken from the POH of a modern four-place airplane. It is a graph of load weight and load moment indexes. Diagonal lines for each item relate the weight to the moment index without having to use mathematical calculations. Figure 4-6. Typical loading graph.

Large aircraft, including heavy transports, are weighed by rolling them onto weighing platforms with electronic weighing cells that accurately measure the force applied by the weight of the aircraft. Electronic load cells are used when the aircraft is weighed by raising it on jacks. The cells are placed between the jack and the jack pad on the aircraft, and the aircraft is raised on the jacks until the wheels or skids are off the floor and the aircraft is in a level flight attitude. The weight measured by each load cell is indicated on the control panel.

A passenger seat is installed in the baggage compartment. Computations Using Weight, Arm, and Moment The first step in the weight and balance computation is to make a chart like the one in Figure 5-3, listing all of the items that are involved. 4 inches aft of the datum is determined by dividing the new moment by the new weight. The weight and balance revision sheet should clearly show the revised empty weight, empty weight arm and/or moment index, and the new useful load. Figure 5-3. Weight, arm, and moment changes caused by typical alteration.

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