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By Lincoln C. Chen, Jaime Sepulveda Amor, Sheldon J. Segal

Over the prior decade, the AIDS pandemic has propagated so generally and exerted this sort of dev­ astating impression that one may perhaps thoroughly ask the query, Why now not focus all AIDS efforts on ailment keep watch over by myself? Why hyperlink AIDS with women's reproductive future health? what's the medical foundation for this linkage? and the way may possibly reduction~ keep an eye on and women's well-being goals be promot­ ed concurrently? those questions represent the imperative subject matters addressed during this monograph. The 15 chapters during this quantity are meant to supply state of the art studies of key interac­ tions among AIDS and women's reproductive wellbeing and fitness for an viewers of scientists and coverage makers within the AIDS and inhabitants fields. Impetus for this monograph is available in pan from what we understand to be an insufficient worldwide reaction, up to now, to AIDS and women's overall healthiness ;>roblems. a typical platform has did not emerge one of the disparate specialist groups operating within the parts of AIDS, STDs, and relatives making plans. therefore, endeavors in those fields were remoted, and possibilities for joint motion were ignored. a huge and, as but, unharnessed strength exists for strength­ ful interdisciplinary collaborations which can boost guidelines and courses opposed to those urgent illnesses of humankind.

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We hypothesized, therefore, that genital ulcers led in some way to greater female-to-male transmission of HN-l. As a result of these initial studies, we developed a series of studies specifically designed to assess the role of genital ulcers in promoting HIV-l transmission. (A second risk factor for HIV-I in these early studies was place of birth. Men born in western Kenya, bordering Uganda, were at higher risk. ) The potential relationships between STDs and HIV-I are complex, since the primary risk factor for all STDs, including HIV-I infection, is sexual behavior.

States (as well as the federal government) have declared that their handicap antidiscrimination laws apply to AIDS, and many have enacted AIDS-specific legislation. The application of handicap laws to persons with AIDS brings with it the requirement of "reasonable accommodation" to enable an otherwise qualified individual to fulfill perfonnance criteria. Lawsuits pertaining to discrimination focus on the key areas of education, employment, housing, insurance, and access to health care and reflect a wide range of practices, from isolating a schoolchild in a glass cubicle, to evicting family members of a person with AIDS, to denying medical coverage for possibly effective drugs.

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