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By Peter Jenkins

This education guide covers all elements of engaging in a actual covert surveillance in an effort to assemble intelligence and facts.

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At the end of the days surveillance, give yourself a score out of ten to establish your 'heatstake'. -se the next day or involved at all. Standing Down lf you feel that you may lose contact with the target, and by keeping close you risk showing out, then it is better to let him continue and experience Jloss. lf you are compromised you may not be able to return to that target for a number of weeks, it is far better to let the target run and remember... Teamwork Any experienced person trained in surveillance, would tell you that to carry out a surveillance single-handed is not only difficult but down right foolish.

A few years ago, we carried out a surver//ance on the /s/e of Man and we were armed with a photograph that was some liyears old (taken when the target ias /B). lt was difficu/t to identify the target at fiist but certain charactenstr'cs cou/d be seen in the picture and so it proved usefu/. Mode of Transport Not everyone drives a vehicle; therefore you need to know the targets mode of transport as you will have to prepare for travelling by the same means. He could use public transport, get a lift, walk, or ride a moiorbike.

Or premises. rson to keep the target house or premises under ob_ servation in order to alert the remainder of theleam when tne target departs. lt goes without saying that if we don't have a trigger ano a pici up, tn"n we wiil not have a follow. are various Ih:f" in Chapter types of trigger to consider, more detair of which is described Two on foot and moUite surveillance: 27 ADVANCED SURVEILLANCE Static Trigger The trigger'platform'can be from a car, a van, building, hedgerow or any other static point from where the target's premises can be covertly observed, he could easily be out on foot if he has a reason for being there (such as in a bus shelter).

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