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By Steven Vivian

The useless too have hopes...

And one of the hopeful lifeless is Alex Resartus: obtuse professor, imprecise novelist, schizophrenic...and vampire.

As an obtuse professor, he bewilders and frustrates his bored scholars; as an imprecise novelist with a once-promising recognition, he wants to get well his inventive powers, yet his shattered brain stands within the approach. As a schizophrenic, Alex's brain is "broken", and during this most unique novel, A SELF-MADE MONSTER, Alex plans to reorganize his damaged brain with entire blood. For Alex's distinctive quirk - either his blessing and his curse - is that he is taking at the characteristics of his sufferers in such a lot excellent ways.

Alex sees the intense and socially backward pupil, Edward Head, as his savior: Edward's disciplined and robust brain is simply the tonic Alex must rejuvenate his inventive powers. yet Alex isn't the just one with hopes. The dwelling between him have their very own hopes. Edward¿s hopes are carnal. He wishes either Holly Dish, an amalgam of sweaty undergraduate daydreams, and Claire candy, a returning grownup coed who's either cool and mysterious. Holly and Claire too have their very own hopes, as does the quick and cynical Jimmy Stubbs, who hates to check and likes to drink beer and scheme. The hopes of every personality intersect and finally violently knot - generating a twisting climax that leaves a few characters useless and others approximately to savour an striking monetary windfall.

By turns violent and humorous, A SELF-MADE MONSTER is without doubt one of the most original vampire novels ever released. It strips away the drained clichés and pink prose of the vampire tale and replaces them with dead-on characterizations, a galloping plot, and a brand new belief of the vampire itself.

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