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By Barbara G. Walker

Booklet through Walker, Barbara G.

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This comes in handy when adding stitches at the end of the row or when doing a one-row buttonhole. See Alternating Cable Cast On (page 49) for the ribbed ­version of this cast on. Front Back CHARACTERISTICS • Firm edge GOOD FOR • One-row buttonholes • Adding stitches at ends of rows 36 Cable Cast On Working the Cast On 1 Make a slip knot, leaving a short tail, and place it on the left-hand needle. 2 Knit into the slip knot, leaving the slip knot on the lefthand needle. 3 Slip the new stitch back to the left-hand needle knitwise.

Working the Cast On 1 Measure out a tail of yarn using whatever method you prefer (page 13). Make a slip knot and place it on the needle. Hold the needle and working yarn in your right hand. 2 Wrap the tail end around your left thumb counterclockwise (yarn comes from needle to inside thumb and wraps around to outside of thumb). Using the other fingers of your left hand to grasp the tail, insert needle tip under the thumb loop. 3 Holding the needle with your left hand, use your right hand to wrap the working yarn around the needle.

Long-Tail Cast On: Thumb Version 29 4 Pass thumb loop over the needle tip and pull the strand to tighten the stitch. 5 Repeat steps 2–4 for the desired number of stitches. a. Knitting On This cast on is easy to remember because it is so much like a regular knit stitch, making it a common way to teach beginners. The edge, which looks good from both sides, is fairly firm, though it can stretch out of shape. Back Front CHARACTERISTICS • Somewhat elastic • Easy to pull out of shape GOOD FOR • Beginners • Adding stitches at ends of rows Knitted Cast On 31 Working the Cast On 1 Make a slip knot, leaving a short tail, and place it on a needle.

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