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By Douglas C. Waller

A query of Loyalty plunges into the seven-week Washington trial of Gen. William "Billy" Mitchell, the hero of the U.S. military Air carrier in the course of global battle I and the guy who proved in 1921 that planes may well sink a battleship. In 1925 Mitchell was once annoyed via the sluggish speed of aviation improvement, and he sparked a political firestorm, accusing the military and military excessive instructions -- and by way of inference the president -- of treason and felony negligence within the means they performed nationwide safety. He was once wear trial for insubordination in a superb court-martial that turned a countrywide obsession in the course of the Roaring Twenties.

Uncovering a trove of recent letters, diaries, and private files, Douglas Waller captures the drama of the trial and builds a wealthy and revealing biography of Mitchell.

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