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By Henry Louis Gates

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But on his first furlough in 1917, he realized that rumors of victory were lies. In Berlin, the cost of the bloody three-year war had turned the city into a civilian battleground. There wasn’t enough food and the country was going bankrupt. On his first day home, lie had been caught up in a street riot, watching in disbelief as German troops fought strikers in the streets. Huddled in a doorway, he was numbed with horror. “Go back to work or be shot, “an army captain demanded. ” When the strikers refused, he ordered his men to fire into the knot of civilians.

The gas stung his hands and neck. Then he looked up and saw the American Marine standing over him, his rifle pointed at him, the point of his bayonet at Ingersoll s throat. The young German dropped his gun and slowly raised his hands in the ultimate gesture of surrender. Returning to a devastated homeland, Ingersoll, like thousands of other soldiers, found himself scorned by civilians and betrayed by the Kaiser and his politicians. He became one of millions of impoverished Germans, begging for food, wandering from town to town looking for work, rootless and alone and damning to hell the British, French and Americans for humbling the motherland and driving her to her knees.

Hitler glowered but said nothing. “Where you say ‘they will perceive Germany,’ perhaps ‘perceive’ is a bit too intellectual. ” “Humph,” Hitler snorted. ” He did not take criticism well but even as he disagreed he drew a line through the word “perceive” and wrote “accept” over it. As a clinical psychologist, Vierhaus knew and understood Hitler’s contradictions far better than did most of his henchmen. He encouraged them and used them to fuel Hitler’s most outrageous schemes, many of which he himself had subtly planted in the Führer’s mind.

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