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By S. Pradeep

Airplane layout 1 (1998) 89—104

It is said in such a lot flight dynamics texts that the phugoid approximations supply terrible estimates whereas the quick interval approximations are exact. The survey during this paper finds that there are at the least 5 approximations to the phugoid. the level of departure of every of those from the precise price is decided for a pretty large database representing quite a few plane in numerous flight stipulations. it's chanced on that almost all of them are insufficient in predicting the phugoid features adequately. still, approximations to the phugoid frequency that appear to have remained disregarded are noticeable to be exemplary. nevertheless, no helpful approximation exists for the phugoid damping. With this heritage, a clean approximation for the phugoid mode is placed forth herein. it truly is derived by way of equating the coefficients of the made of the fast interval equation (which has been proven to be very exact) and the phugoid equation (as but unknown) to the coefficients of the fourth-order attribute polynomial. the recent approximation is proven to be exact.

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