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By Daniel H. Wilson

Whilst younger Code falls down a gap whereas following a mysterious robot insect, he lands in an international that defies all mind's eye. every thing in Mekhos is made of steel and circuitry, together with the citizens—who take place to be robots.
To locate his approach domestic, Code needs to first go Mekhos's strange and hazardous panorama to arrive the Beam Stalk. There, an artifact often called the Robonomicon is being guarded through an evil ruler who has plans to smash Mekhos.
Can Code unfastened the Robonomicon, keep the robots of Mekhos from forthcoming doom, and nonetheless get himself again to Earth in time to seize the varsity bus?

With its spectacular array of robots and futuristic gadgetry, this rollicking tale will carry designated allure for boys and budding sci-fi fanatics everywhere.

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