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By David L. McAfee

Jerusalem, 33 A.D. The vampires of the period have lengthy sought to realize a foothold into Israel, however the religion of the neighborhood Jewish inhabitants has held them in payment for hundreds of years.

When one in every of their very own betrays them to keep on with an odd younger rabbi from Galilee, the elders of the vampire race dispatch Theron, a 9 hundred yr outdated murderer, to kill them both.

The rabbi's identify is Jesus. Killing him might be effortless.

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He spat at the other’s feet, barely missing Ephraim’s dusty leather boot. “Don’t be so quick to choose, Theron. ” “I don’t need to hear what he has to say. I still serve our people. The rambling words of a deranged rabbi will not show me my path. The Council's laws have protected our people for over four thousand years. ” “His words would save you, my friend,” Ephraim said, so softly Theron almost didn’t hear him. Theron laughed. “Save me? As they saved you? ” In that instant, Theron determined he would make Ephraim’s death as unpleasant as he could manage.

Peaceful. Theron didn’t care. The job was done; the Council would be pleased. What’s more, he had the information they sought, for Theron now knew the identity of the person to whom Ephraim had betrayed his people. It could only be one man, the same man who’d acquired followers from all across Israel over the last few years. The very man Malachi swore his life to protect only a month ago. Jesus, they called him. Jesus of Nazareth. Chapter Two Theron walked the dusty streets of Jerusalem with his sack slung over his shoulder.

Did you actually rip off his head? ” He peered at the Enforcer, wearing an expression halfway between fear and envy. ” Simon waited, obviously expecting more, but when Theron didn’t elaborate, he turned back to his desk and sat in his chair. He pulled a sheaf of parchment from a drawer on his right, took the blood-dipped quill from the vial and recorded the information. The sweet, heady scent of blood wafted up from the paper and teased Theron’s nostrils, giving him a pointed reminder that he needed to replenish himself as soon as possible.

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