100 in 1 day festivalDesign by Nature is excited to partner with Trashswag

 and the STEPS initiative for Toronto’s very first 100 in 1 day - a citizen driven festival to re-imagine your city. There are more than 170 “interventions” such as silent disco parties in the streets, de-fencing programs, hugging stations and “homes in the park”. To join the fun, Design by Nature, along with Emerging ARTivists and fellow trashswaggers, will be collecting salvageable “trash” left on the streets and transforming these materials into public art and/or functional furniture for designated community projects.

How you can help
Its easy! The next time you see an old door, piece of furniture, or anything that can be re-purposed and has been left on the streets, please submit a report to Trashswag - a crowdsourced map of architectural salvage.

How to submit a report
You can submit a report by downloading the Trashswag app to your phone or sending a tweet and photo to @trashswag with any of the following hashtags: #dxnto #teacycle #upcycling #curbalert #dumpsterdiving #crowdsourcing

How it Works
Reports get posted to an online map of Toronto and become a free resource of materials for upcyclers, furniture makers and artists.  The more you post,  the less we waste and the more creative potential is made. So make sure to post on June 7th and don’t stop there. Keep posting after June 7th too!

Materials We Need
We are helping the Emerging ARTivists, an arts youth group in Thorncliffe, collect and find discarded materials to build a permanent art installation in their park called “Picture This

“. If you see any of the following discarded materials on the street, please use the hashtag #teacycle when submitting a report via twitter.

drainage pipes
scraps of wood
colourful plastic

pennies, colourful bottle caps
wine corks
metals and sheet metal
old tennis or ping pong balls
discarded electronics
discarded colored paint
What Will Be the End Result?

  1. A map of Toronto full of salvageable materials left on the streets – check it out!
  2. Artists collecting those materials for various art, community and upcycling projects
  3. An art installation in Thorncliffe, Burgess Park made with found materials called “Picture This
  4. A robust listing of locally sourced materials for your amazing submission to Design by Nature!

For more information about 100 in 1 Day, visit 100in1day.ca/toronto