Beehive Hotel
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The BeeHive

The BeeHive

Name of piece: BeeHive
Materials: Recycled Cardboard, glue, wood
Artist(s): Yvonne Popovska, Aleksandra Popovska, Leland Dadson
Name of company: PopTarts

The goal of this installation is to encourage pollinators in the Toronto region to inhabit and reproduce as well as create an art project that would have a contemporary form and stand as a beautiful ‘beehive’ sculpture. The beehive would be constructed using 100% recycled corrugated cardboard, carved and stacked in a form rising approximately four feet high. Bees would nest in the summer and then vacate in the fall after the cocoons have been harvested.

Cast Composite Cubes
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Cast Composite Cubes

Cast Composite Cubes

Name of piece: Cast Composite Cubes
Salvaged dense foam from company inventory, ECC ( Engineered Cementitious Composite)
Jeff Forrest
Name of company:

A collection of four concrete composite cubes that have industrial volumes ‘subtracted’ from 3 or more of their 6 surfaces. The durable cubes can be oriented together or separately in a variety of configurations. Each cube contains a recycled foam core, which reduces their weight considerably compared to solid concrete masses of similar size. The pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses: low + high seating, side tables, coffee tables and sculpture.

Industrial cast metal pump casings often start out in the wood shop.  Millworkers + machine operators carve solid, laminated wood blocks to create ‘patterns’ that are used to make sand-moulds. The sand-moulds are then used for casting.  It is  common for companies to make one-off castings, which means that the patterns go to waste after their first use.  These castings are beautifully crafted relics of Canadian manufacturing.

End-Grain Block Bench
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End-Grain Block Bench

End-Grain Block Bench

Name of piece: End-Grain Block Bench
Materials: Douglas Fir timbers burned, rubbed and oiled, reclaimed by Shelflife from a demolished wooden aircraft hangar at Pearson Airport.
Artist(s): Scott Eunson
Name of company: Scott Eunson Studios Inc

Retail price of piece: $4,800

A solid block assembled from massive timbers is CNC carved with a pattern derived from microscopic end-grain. The cells are scaled so that they function as places to sit. An emphasized materiality combined with an organic complexity aims to give a new understanding of wood, it’s physical qualities, structure and patterns. The bench can be located indoors or outside.


Name of piece: Unearthed
Materials: Dirt, Sand, Steel Framing
Artist(s): Luc Johnston & Nan Chao
Name of company: Lloyd London Studio

Envisioned as both seating and play area, Unearthed aims to instill a sense of discovery and intrigue for the repeat visitor to the Evergreen Brick Works. At the outset of installation, visitors will perceive two simple rammed earth volumes. With volumes at different heights, children and adults are encouraged to sit and interact. Constructed of the same earth that once fueled the Brick Works, Unearthed will reference its surroundings, in a very elemental way. Like an unfired brick left exposed to the elements, the rammed earth will gradually erode over the course of its installation. While the eroding earth is slowly deposited into the adjacent ‘sand’ box, an internal structure will start to reveal itself. Brightly coloured and familiar in shape, a tractor seat set on steel posts will start to appear at the top of the bench. Day by day, and week by week more seats at different heights will reveal themselves until finally, the painted steel base plate, tractor seats and the sandbox are all that remains.